Training offer

Head of the Master of Computer Science : Mickaël Montassier (

MSc in Algoritmics

This programme provides students with a deep understanding of the discipline, combined with more specialised know-how in algorithms, operations research, or theoretical computer science.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
This Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme trains specialists with a high level of programming skills in the design and development of intelligent information systems and automatic data analysis.

MSc Imagine (image and video games)
This programme aims to train engineers and researchers specialising in the image and vision industries and laboratories, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, video games and interactive simulation.

Pathfinder in Computer Science Programme
This course offers a two-year generalist computer science programme to acquire a double competence in computer science and initial training and/or to start a reconversion in computer science. It differs from the other Master’s programmes in computer science since it is aimed at students with initial training other than in computer science, in order to offer them the opportunity to acquire the concepts essential for mastering the current challenges of digital technology.

MSc in Software Engineering
This programme is oriented towards software engineering, and offers in particular, training in the automation of the stages of the software life cycle while ensuring the quality of the software product, from design to maintenance, including the compilation and optimisation of code and testing.