MSc in Algoritmics


The Algo programme of the Master of Computer Science prepares students for the most exciting jobs in the world of computer science. It provides students with a deep understanding of the computer science discipline, combined with more specialised knowledge in algorithms, operations research, or theoretical computer science.
This programme trains students to become major players in computer science, emphasising a solid foundation of knowledge ranging from the most fundamental concepts to their practical application in specialised programmes. Thus, once the student has become a young computer scientist,

he or she will be able to evolve serenely throughout his or her career, by easily adapting to new concepts and to the evolution inherent in the discipline.
The main outlets for this course are research and development teams in the computer industry, as well as specialised research
in industry or in the academic world.

programme director


We offer our students the opportunity to take up areas of computer science, and to specialise in certain topics according to their tastes. In these topics we provide both competence in understanding and in actual implementation, whether it be programming, proving, or designing algorithms. A mastery of the main generalist notions of fundamental computer science are offered up to the point where our students move from understanding the notions to actually doing them.
The areas of specialisation we offer, are algorithms, operations research, and computer science fundamentals.

However, students who are motivated by fundamental computer science, who have a slightly alternative background, for example in mathematics, and who are willing to make up for their shortcomings are welcome. A certain ease and pleasure in manipulating abstraction, a certain taste for the beauty of reasoning or algoritms, open the way to success in our training.

Please note that courses in the Computer Science Department are taught in French.

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Our students can naturally pursue a thesis in industry as well as in academia. They can also aim for programming assistants jobs and join research and development teams directly