MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


This Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme trains specialists with a high level of programming skills in the design and development of intelligent information systems and automatic data analysis. The training consists of four closely related aspects:

1) learning, extraction or acquisition of data (machine learning)

2) automatic analysis of data, especially textual data, i.e. natural language processing

3) representation and storage of data and their semantics

4) data processing and reasoning on semantic knowledge, for example for decision support.


The objective of this programme is to train high-level computer science experts and managers in programming, in the field of artificial intelligence and data science, mastering both statistical and formal methods. Graduates of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Master’s programme are capable of designing and developing software for the automatic analysis of large amounts of data, particularly textual data, as well as algorithms for the automatic acquisition of data and the representation of their semantics; they are also capable of programming the methods and algorithms of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; they also know how to model and automate reasoning about data and their semantics.

Programme Director

Christian Rétoré

The programme provides a balanced mix of theoretical and conceptual foundations, and training through programming in the most up-to-date technologies, which allows for rapid professional insertion as well as the scientific distance necessary for adaptability to future developments in computer science. The content of the course allows students to appropriate and implement the methods and tools of language, data and knowledge engineering, between artificial intelligence, automatic learning and data management, while reinforcing their programming skills as well as their mastery of information systems and web technologies

The Master’s degree is open to holders of a BSc in computer science (or equivalent)

Please note that courses in the Computer Science Department are taught in French.

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Sectors of activity :

All fields of activity related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, BigData or natural language processing, i.e. related to the management, exploitation and computer processing of documents and data.

Types of jobs :

Data Scientist, NLP engineer / scientist, AI engineer / researcher,

ML engineer, ML expert, Knowledge engineer